Shawn Alston attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with bachelors degree in communications and broadcasting with a minor focus on studio arts. During his time in the Pittsburgh arts community, Shawn landed an internship with Clear Communications local station affiliate KISS 96.1. it evolved into a full-time opportunity to develop a branded program where he wrote and broadcasted live shows from studio and remote locations, and reported on concerts, parades, and festivals for a six-station cluster.  After several years in radio broadcasting, shawn crossed into the communication of screen, working as a production associate on the Tyra Banks show. Over four years, Shawn’s responsibilities included leading audience recruitment efforts and managing the workflow though all stages of production, from assisting directors and producers during taping sessions to managing budgetary restrictions on set. His time workin on Tyra was supplemented by editing web videos and transcribing scripts for National Geographic.After the Tyra Banks show was cancelled, Shawn launched a self-propelled freelance career where he worked on notable television shows such as Millionaire Matchmaker, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Work of Art, and the Love Broker. On each production, he was an essential component to managing employment needs, balancing budgets, and maintaining efficient workflows as a coordinator and various other positions.Most recently, Shawn has carved out a key role as the studio manager at House casting productions. Noted for its commercial and voice over roles for major, national commercials, he has also served as a casting director on several commercial opportunities, including the viral American Greetings Mother’s Day video that generated more than 16 million views on You Tube in less than three days. Shawn has also lived and worked in Los Angeles, most recently for virtual reality production company Here Be Dragons where Shawn helped build custom cameras and managed the studio's inventory locally and globally. 

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